Sometimes we feel stuck- stuck in a relationship, a job, or a location. Sometimes we feel stuck, but we stay. We stay in situations that are negative or even harmful. We stay in relationships that are manipulative or abusive. We stay when we are belittled and neglected. We just stay.  

Why? Why do we stay when we know that we’re hurting or miserable? Why do we stay when we have a gut feeling that this just can’t be right? I think it’s because of a more important question that rings loudly in our mind- What if?

What if there’s nothing better out there? What if this is just my lot in life? What if in letting go of this, I’ll let go of the best I’ll ever have? What if I live to regret this decision? What if?

This what if keeps us stuck in our current situation. What if makes us settle.

We settle for “just okay” when we don’t think great exists. We stay where we are, when we’re scared that what’s next might be even worse.

But what if there is more? What if there’s someone that will cherish you and honor you? What if there is joy ahead instead of heartbreak? What if there’s a fulfilling job or location that suits your needs? What if letting go of “just okay” or “absolutely terrible,” leads you to God’s best for you. What if?

I can say from experience that “What if?” was worth the risk.