Today, I’m featuring my very first guest post by my dear friend, Sara. I’ve been friends with Sara for ten years, and I’ve loved watching her growing pursuit of the Lord. I cherish her friendship and her encouraging words. I’m so excited for you to read her thoughts and see her heart in the post below. Enjoy!- Lauren Morgan

Even when I feel alone in my spirit, I am reminded by a very special friend how far from alone I am. The Lord is with me, He hears me, and He desperately wants me to get out of my comfort zone to seek Him. I am not forsaken. He has not left me. He’s not ignoring me. He is just reminding me that relationships are a 2-way street. It’s a give and take, and I can NEVER out give God.

I had gotten into a routine in life and in church, specifically. I had allowed Satan to turn the times meant for praise and thanksgiving into times of worry, doubt, and selfishness. I had gotten out of rhythm with things I used to make time for. I was doing these things but more as an obligation- to check a box on my “spiritual checklist.” I put Him on the back burner for my own selfish reasons and my own doubts and then begged Him to speak to me. I questioned why I wasn’t hearing Him. HELLO…SARA, that’s not how relationships work. I can’t ask the Lord to be there for me, protect me, provide for me, and heal me or my loved ones only when I need him. Don’t get me wrong, the Lord is capable of helping me even when I’m not deserving; and let’s be honest, we never are deserving. However, that’s not the kind of relationship or fellowship I want. I want to be all in. I want it to be all consuming. I want his reckless love! I want to have a burning passion in my heart for Him. To do this, I have to make time to pray. I have to make time to read His word. I have to spend time with Him. It’s not always easy to make time, but relationships and love aren’t always easy.

I’m realizing that my life isn’t falling apart when I feel broken. The Lord is making something new from the ashes. Lysa Terkeurst reminded me in her book, It’s Not Supposed to be This Way, that “God isn’t ever going to forsake me, but he will go to great lengths to remake me.” That means accepting that my life isn’t always going to be what I thought it would be. That means trusting God in all situations no matter how it looks to me on the outside. He loves me, and he’s working for my good. I’m confident that it’s going to be better than anything I would have done for myself.

Mom and son hug in front of a backdrop at church

Meet Today’s Guest Blogger, Sara Fletcher

Sara Fletcher is a kindergarten special education teacher. She has 4 1/2 years of teaching experience. Sara refers to her students as “her kids.” However, she also has a ten year old son, Jayden. Sara has a passion for watching all children grow, whether that be through her home, her classroom, sports teams, or church. She says that getting to be a part of their journey is humbling and a blessing. Sara enjoys spending time outside, reading, watching her son play soccer, and naming her animals after her favorite tv characters or celebrities. Lastly, Sara enjoys writing. She finds that it’s so much easier to express herself through words on a page.