The days and hours seem to run together in quarantine. While we may be completing to-do lists or home renovations, it can be hard to make our days purposeful and to be intentional with the time that we have. It’s important to have days of rest (even God rested on the seventh day), but it’s also important to be intentional with our time. The question is “How?” How can we have intentional moments in this season or in other seasons that involve extended time at home?

Recently, I stumbled upon a friend’s post. My friend, Jen, posted an image of a calendar with a special activity for each day. Her children were told the day’s activity when they woke up. Some activities found ways to honor missed outings or events. Some activities involved learning a new skill or simply trying something new. Some activities were creative ways to continue doing something that they already loved. Lastly, some activities were innovative ways to serve their neighbors and community. While this list was crafted specifically for the month of April, Jen and her family plan to make this a yearly occurrence. One month each year, they plan to give “each day a name” in an effort to make their days purposeful. While forming an entire month of activities may feel overwhelming, a week of purposeful, intentional activities may be a worthwhile investment of time for your family. Some of Jen’s activities include having an at-home theater production, complete with intermission snacks, for her daughter who’s production was canceled, camping and eating smores in the backyard while searching for constellations, a leg shaving lesson for her twin daughters, and competing in a “mini-Olympics” adventure race. Some activities honor other cultures, some are educational, some give her children a glimpse into the lives of the early church, and some are simply for the sake of enjoyment. I’ve gotten an incredible amount of inspiration from this list for both this season and for my summer months at home with my son. Because of this, I have included an image of Jen’s month of activities  and a template that you can use to design special days for your own family. 

When I asked Jen what inspired her to create this list of activities, she stressed the importance of not allowing “the fear of today or the anxiety of tomorrow” to overwhelm us. All we have is today, and we should use each day to glorify God, whether that’s through a meaningful day of rest or intentional activities. 

I’m thankful that Jen has allowed me to share her heart and inspiration today. I pray that it would bless you and encourage you to give “each day a name.”

A month of activities planned out for quarantine

Use this list of activities as inspiration for the template below.

A template to plan intentional activities for quarantined days

Fill out this template to craft intentional days with your family and to honor some of the missed events and memories from the past two months.

Jennifer Sharbono is a wife and homeschool mom, raising four precious children. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English from Louisiana College and has experience teaching high school English. Jen is known for her engaging conversations over a cup of coffee and freshly baked dessert. She loves making others feel welcome in her home, whether that be through visits with friends, Bible studies with college students and young women, or foster respite care. Jen is saved by grace and has a thankful, joyful heart.