If your little one is showing initiative and an interest in learning, the toddler years are a perfect time to begin homeschooling. We began with small intervals and activities three days a week at eighteen months, followed by more of a structured daily curriculum at the age of two. Below, you’ll see my suggestions for quality curriculum, supplemental tools to teach the Bible and foreign language, basic homeschool supplies, materials to learn through play, and educational apps. My suggestions are broken into categories, with easy to use links. Simply click on the photos and you will be sent directly to the site to purchase. While I do make a small commission on some of the items listed below, at no cost to you, I do not make anything from the curriculum listed. I genuinely love the material and wanted to share it with you because of the immense success we’ve had in our own home utilizing these products. I break down our daily itinerary in an additional post; you can find it linked here. The important thing to remember is that every experience can be a learning experience. That’s the fun of homeschooling!


My absolute favorite piece of curriculum for toddlers is the Toddler Learning Folder by Jady Alvarez. This pre-school prep folder is organized in order of difficulty and is recommended for children ages one to three. It begins with letters, numbers, colors, shapes, fruits, and animals and then progresses to more advanced material like color shape sorting, seasons, body parts, vowel sounds, counting, visual discrimination, and much more. We began using this folder when Ry was eighteen months and still use it today at two and a half. We’ve found great success and are amazed at how quickly he grasped the material and worked his way through the binder.

At $9.99, this curriculum is affordable and beneficial for your inquisitive toddler. The only disadvantage to this curriculum is that it comes in the form of a PDF file. You are responsible for printing the pages, laminating them, cutting out the pieces, and attaching the Velcro. This will take a day or two of you working through nap time, but I assure you, it is WELL worth the effort. I cannot stress enough how helpful and enjoyable this material has been. My son absolutely loves his binder and asks me daily to do school time, so much so, that we started back from summer a month early at his request. To help simplify the process of putting together this material, I’ve attached all of the items needed to construct your binder below, under “Toddler Learning Folder Supplies.” To access the Toddler Learning Folder by Jada Alvarez, click here.

The other curriculum that we utilize for our toddler homeschooling is the Good and the Beautiful’s Pre-K Course Book. This language arts course teaches letters and sounds, vowels, numbers, colors, motor skills, sorting, matching, and rhyming. This curriculum purchase includes the Pre-K course book, an activity packet, and four spiral-bound alphabet flip books. This curriculum is targeted toward children ages three and older, but I began using parts of it with my toddler at the age of two, specifically the alphabet flip books. I look forward to utilizing the remainder of the course book and activity packet this school year. This curriculum is well-loved by many and is an affordable option that pairs well with the Toddler Learning Folder. To purchase the Good and the Beautiful curriculum, click here.

Toddler Learning Folder Supplies

Below, I’ve included everything you’ll need to construct your Toddler Learning Folder by Jada Alvarez.


Bible Class

Studying the Bible with your toddler can be such a precious time. We’ve found the best way to get the Word in is through song, memorizing a new verse every other week or so, memorizing simple questions/answers, and reading short Bible stories.

Sovereign Grace Music has released multiple children’s albums, but I’ve included the two albums that we’re familiar with. These children’s albums include both praise and worship and are rich in theology. I’m so impressed by the simple but profound truths they’ve managed to include in each song. Additionally, I’ve included an accompanying book, The Ology, which seeks to do the same thing- deliver beginner’s theology to kids of all ages. Lastly, you’ll find the Jesus Storybook Bible, a book showing children that Jesus is the center of all of the Biblical stories, and the short book, My First Book of Questions and Answers, a book with easy to understand questions and answers backed by Scripture.

Homeschool Supplies

Here I’ve included some of Ryman’s favorite homeschool supplies: his daily calendar from Melissa and Doug, his Mickey Mouse backpack, and his little table and chairs where he does his work. We purchased the table and chairs in gray and white; but it comes in all white, natural, and blue, as well. The price on the table and chairs seems to fluctuate often, so you may want to snag this item quickly if the price is right. It’s a sturdy table and is very easy to assemble. The Melissa and Doug calendar is such a great tool to teach days of the week, months, seasons, and weather. We adjust the calendar each morning before we begin his other school work, and he absolutely loves changing the pieces out for me.


Foreign Language

El Perro y El Gato is such a great tool to introduce your toddlers to a foreign language. In this show, everything is said in both English and Spanish, so it’s an excellent way to learn vocabulary in both languages, without overwhelming your little one.


Learning Through Play

Learning through play is such an important and enjoyable part of homeschooling a toddler. I’ve included tools to increase both fine and gross motor skills and to provide hands-on learning experiences.


Educational Apps

While the use of screen time is often debated, I’ve found that utilizing educational apps in a limited capacity is highly effective. Below, I’ve included some of our favorite educational apps for toddlers and early learners.

  • Monkey Preschool Lunchbook (teaches colors, matching, counting, letters, shapes, and more)
  • Monkey Preschool Fix It! (teaches number and letter recognition, shape and color identification, patterns, and more)
  • AlphaTots (teaches the letters of the alphabet and the sounds that they make)
  • ABC Mouse (teaches reading, math, art, and more for ages 2-8)
  • Zoo Train (teaches alphabet letters, puzzle solving, and more)
  • PangoPlayground (teaches fine motor skills and cause and effect)

I hope that you’ve found these lists helpful and that you now feel equipped to begin the homeschooling journey with your toddler. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to let me know which products you and your little ones love most. If you’re ready to begin forming a homeschooling itinerary, you can find my tips and a sample weekly schedule here.

Do you have other homeschool items that work well for your family? Drop a comment below and let me know. I love to hear from you and hear what works for your family.